About Us

A friendly Birmingham, West Midlands based duo specialising in high class wedding videography.  We capture those special moments in order for you to relive the memory for years to come. We pride ourselves in artistic videography so you can take your memories and lock them away for centuries to come!

We have worked together ever since school, sharing years of experience in videography and cinematography our passion permeates our films. We like to inject a little bit of fun into your day and really enjoy getting to know all your loved ones throughout your wedding day. We have both had the pleasure of being Best Men for one-another at our own weddings and yes, that is a photograph of us skipping with smoke bombs below, why not…

Our aim is to provide a friendly, professional service.



What We Offer?

  • Unique Wedding Videography

    We love a good wedding and pride ourselves on high class, affordable wedding videography. Offering a range of packages shot in High Definition and delivered to your home television. We do not simply point and shoot and provide you with hours and hours of footage. Your wedding day is special and unique to you as a couple so we create a personalised wedding video to suit you as a couple. Every package includes a cinematic wedding trailer that will tell the story of your very special day, you can then share and relive this over and over again. More details on our packages can be found under the Weddings tab.

  • Performing Arts & Live Videography

    Relive It Productions can provide a live show service, working with you to capture and share your event from start to finish. We have extensive years of experience filming live shows and providing vast DVD copies post event. If you have a performing arts show or similar live event coming up and would like the event documenting please drop us a message. If you are putting on a production and have a large cohort of people involved then we can even film your event for free and sell DVDs to all involved.

  • Corporate

    The online world is becoming dependent on social media, do you require videography, photography or branding for your business? Online presence can boost your customer base and improve your communication. We can provide recruitment videos, advertisements, website design, video tutorials and photoshoots. Anything related to the digital world we can help!