Trek America – Southern Sun Trailer



“What was the highlight of your trip?” – Where do we begin?

Our Trek America experience was nothing short of the most incredible summer to date. After our nervous first morning filled with the excitement of meeting our fellow trek members, we soon realised that this group of strangers would quickly become our very close trek family. 4811 miles later and the thought of leaving our closely knitted group and such an incredible country became inconceivable.

Southern Sun – New York to LA provided us with the opportunity to embrace a different kind of travel and we were not disappointed, the sheer range of locations and activities found us surrounded by breathtaking scenery and culture. It’s incredibly hard to pin point a single reason as to why we loved our trek experience so much, from hanging out with George Washington, feeding gators in Texas, launching water bombs in Austin, wearing tin foil hats in Roswell, exploding fireworks and white water rafting along Pigeon River, singing our hearts out in Nashville, drinking grenades in New Orleans, embracing our inner cowboy in Louisiana, sleeping under the stars in Monument Valley and of course partying it up in Vegas, it is safe to say we will never forget our trip.

After reading many of the Trek reviews it is apparent that the most loved part of the tour is Monument Valley and we have to agree! Why? It is so hard to explain the culture and experience that is prominent in Monument Valley; it is certainly one you will never forget. If you can only do one activity on this Trek the guided tour of Monument Valley should be it! Of course when leaving Monument Valley, our love for all things film came into play, it was incredible to recreate the iconic scene from Forest Gump and make a quick stop where he stops his cross country run. We were also extremely lucky to be travelling with some fellow Breaking Bad enthusiasts and an awesome trek leader who went out of her way to organize a detour to visit some of the shows famous landmarks.

If we were to offer any tips it would be to embrace every opportunity that is thrown your way, you may only get this experience once. Pack lightly and do not worry about being too ill prepared, Walmart is a magical store that will most definitely come in handy, buy yourself a pillow getting comfy in the van made all the difference its your home away from home for the whole trek! Take as many photographs and videos as possible, you will see so many marvelous places that it becomes hard to remember your whole trip, we have found ourselves watching our holiday video over and over.

Trek for us was more than just a holiday; it was a group of strangers who quickly became a second family, we have already had one of our reunions and look forward to our next Trek American adventure together.